Our initial test customers are loving this blanket.

  • All I can say is wow! Having heard the hype about weighted blankets, I have been curious about its benefits as I often struggle with insomnia. I have had much better sleep with the Nukkua weighted blanket than I’ve ever had.

    Sarah S.

  • I find thicker quilts or blankets particularly uncomfortable during summer months and end up with the blanket off of me. When I heard about Nukkua, I was intrigued. Seems like common sense to create a physical way with holes to allow heat to dissipate. It is a genius idea! I really enjoy using this blanket.

    Jeff L.

  • There are so many options for weighted blankets in the market these days...not quite sure what's hype and what's reality in terms of their benefits. I was at a friend's place recently and tried her Nukkua. I liked the feel of it very much and decided to get one for myself. No regrets!

    Theresa K.